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Flowers in full bloom in this, green grass of early summer, we have ushered in a grand festival of Children - June 1 International Children's Day, I am very honored to share with the children together in this beautiful holiday. On that occasion, I would like to let me to all children, young pioneers holiday to extend my sincere regards to the hard work, dedicated gardener to cultivate the flowers of the motherland who pay tribute! Soon to be here today in recognition of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals express warm congratulations! www.rr365.com

在這鮮花爛漫,綠草如茵的初夏時節,我們迎來了孩子們的盛大節日——六一國際兒童節,我非常榮幸地與小朋友們一起共 度這美好的節日。值此機會,謹讓我向全體小朋友、少先隊員們致以誠摯的節日問候,并向辛勤耕耘、嘔心瀝血培育祖國花朵的園丁們致以崇高的敬意!向今天即將 受到表彰的先進個人和先進集體表示熱烈的祝賀!

Pioneers, the children, we are now in a hopeful new era of challenges, you are lucky enough to live in a state of concern about the survival of students, teachers and students in the pursuit of maximum growth to meet the needs of schools; so one "give students the best childhood, most give a solid start in life "as the core concept of school, portrait of creating" education "brand School; an" education and scientific research as the guide to the experimental school in English at the core characteristics Yucai School to serve the community for the meaning of new schools "; so one's own ideas and practice, practice, together with the parents," Our children, our schools, our joint efforts, "the slogan of the school co-operation of schools, the school environment of your grace, your skilled teachers , School of your high-quality education and teaching has been very successful, you just give your School School Award is fully endorsed.

少先隊員、小朋友們,我們正處于一個充滿希望的挑戰的新時代,你們幸運地生活在一所關注師生生存狀態,追求最大 限度滿足師生成長需要的學校;一所以"給學生最美好的童年,給人生最堅實的起步"為核心辦學理念,傾情打造"附小教育"品牌的學校;一所"以教育科研為先 導的實驗學校,以英語特色為核心的育才學校,以服務社會為內涵的新型學校";一所以自己的理念和實踐,同家長一起踐行"咱們的孩子、咱們的學校、咱們共同 努力"這一家校合作口號的學校,你們的學校環境優雅,你們的老師技藝高超,你們學校的教育教學質量高,成績斐然,剛才給你們學校授牌就是對你們學校的充分 肯定。

Pioneers, the children, you are lucky generation, the generation is shouldering the burden. There is an old statement: journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Youth are the beginning of a better life, clarity of vision, bred here, noble sentiments here at initiation, the habits of good form here, life here at the foundation of the glory and prosperity at the bright future of our calls. We must strive to improve their own quality of life in the new starting point, the momentum to become the new century, the need for construction of the homeland of the wood-Dong Liang. At the same time, teachers also hope that our附小his utmost to achieve a greater honor.

少先隊員、小朋友們,你們是幸運的一代,也是肩負重擔的一代。古人言:千里之行,始于足下。少年時代是美好人生 的開端,遠大的理想在這里孕育,高尚的情操在這里萌生,良好的習慣在這里養成,生命的輝煌在這里奠基,繁榮昌盛的美好前景在召喚著我們。我們要努力提高自 身素質,在新的人生起點上,再接再厲,使自己成為新世紀祖國建設需要的棟粱之材。同時,也希望我們師范附小再接再厲,爭取更大的榮譽。



Fellow guardians, dear children:

Midsummer the sunlight struggles beautifully, the riotous baby carries delightedly. Impels the baby to teach the kindergarten which the enterprise develops to celebrate “ six One ” the International Children's Day is an objective. I to the child who presents extend the kind holiday regards! Thanks the fellow guardians to be able in ten thousand busy, extracts the precious time to participate in this time activity, this is they the first own holiday which passed in the kindergarten!


The happy song joke celebrates the festival, hundred condition thousand posture exhibition new face. Here has the lively form which the children grow healthy and strong, here has the children yearning magnificent dream, here has the artistic elegant demeanor which the children eyas spreads the wings, here has the children vigorous upward spiritual outlook.


Through this activity, we hoped sincerely everybody may pick up tomorrow's sun together. Bases in improves baby's overall quality, creates are more, the more spirited effective education form, impels them to study, the practice, the healthy development.


Finally, wishes the children holiday to be joyful, health! Wishes the fellow guardians to work satisfactorily, good luck in everything!

最后 ,祝小朋友們節日快樂,身體健康!祝各位家長工作順心,萬事如意!


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